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Feeder Sale


9:00 am


Selling All Classes of Livestock Every Wednesday: Fat Cattle, Beef Feeders, Hol Steers, Baby Calves, Bred Cows/Heifers, Cow/Calf Pairs, Dairy Cattle, Slaughter Cows & Bulls, Hogs, Goats, & Sheep.

158 Blk & Red Steers 900lbs
50 Beef Steers & Heifers 1000lbs
12 Blk Pairs-Cows are 2nd & 3rd Calvers, Exp back to Blk Angus for March 5th, Calves were born March 1st
20 Beef Heifers 850-900lbs
10 Beef Steers & Heifers 3xVac
6 Registered Black Angus Heifers
4 Registered Black Angus Bulls
4 Hereford Pairs w/Bwf Calves      2 Registered 2yr old Heifers
24 Fancy Black Bred Cows
6 Close Up Black & Red Beef Cows